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Social Media, Engagement and Talking to the Right People – Best of August

Fires and a Smoke-Storm Well, summer’s ALMOST a “wrap!” Being stuck inside for the “smoke-storm” here in the Seattle area this past month (“cough, cough….”), I got to spend a lot of time [...]

INTERVIEW: Social Sapiens and the Seattle Shrimp Tank!

Seattle Shrimp Tank pros and Me (Social Sapiens) I was asked recently to be interviewed on a podcast (of and for entrepreneurs and business owners...) of which I have been aware and have [...]

Engagement and Choosing the Right Platform – Best of July

How’s Your Audience Engagement Coming Along? July always feels like the mid-point for summer…the home for vacations, cook-outs, and many more outdoor activities (especially here in the Pacific Northwest…) than the rest of [...]

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Confronting All Those Challenges – Best of June

One of many challenges This month’s top articles consider a number of challenging “How-To’s”. Overcoming challenges of content marketing, social media, strategy and your business website. Also considered are the opportunities hidden in [...]

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