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“Help Me Fix It!”

Help Me! “Can you help me fix it?” Almost all my initial conversations with customers are summed up in this one heart-felt plea. The long answer is usually, “Yes!” That’s the long answer…the [...]

Digital Media, Audio, and Video: It’s BOTH – AND!

Can you hear me now? Media choices: there seem to be a zillion of them! Curated links, status updates, ads, photos, graphics, GIFs  short videos, long videos, animations, audio podcasts, webinars, hangouts, blogs…..SHEEEESH!!  Look at all [...]

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JULY’s Best – Blogs, Strategy and Design, and Thriving at Work!

July is Blooming! July’s Best brings some familiar themes: blogs, strategy and planning, and making best use of your resources… Business Blogs 6 Reasons Your Marketing Efforts Should Include a Blog [...]

Collaboration: The Action Side of Conversation

Collaboration Collaboration is the action-oriented manifestation of dialogue. I had an online conversation with a colleague during which we each remarked on the current snapshot of busy-ness we have (summer can be notoriously [...]

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WARNING: You’re Losing Money By Not Using Video!

Video is EVERYWHERE! Unless you’re completely disconnected, you have watched a video of some kind over the internet…even if it was just a cat. More likely you not only watch them every time [...]