1 08, 2016

FOCUS: Introducing a Summer Reading Sampler!

By | 2017-06-12T14:16:19-08:00 August 1st, 2016|Content, Creativity, Discussion, Entrepreneur, Focus, H2H, Interesting things, Kindle, Leadership, Sharing, Smart Business, VACC|

Ah….summer reading! I frequent the Conversation Agent blog published by Valeria Maltoni regularly, and take away more food for thought than I get from any other blog. She recently posted an article containing a Summer reading list. Heading into the last full month of summer (although here in the Pacific [...]

6 12, 2012

A Successful Community Manager

By | 2017-06-12T14:16:54-08:00 December 6th, 2012|Community Management, Discussion, Social Media|

My communities (Photo credit: steven w) I was asked a really great question recently: what is a successful community manager? I have a pretty well-formed idea of the answer, but had never articulated it before.  My first reaction was to stay away from any kind of description of the community manager him/herself. I feel that [...]

3 10, 2012

More Than “LIKE”

By | 2017-06-12T14:16:54-08:00 October 3rd, 2012|Conversation, Discussion, People, Reflection, Social Media|

Detail (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There is a justifiable lament in the air. It concerns the lack of actual conversation taking place between people. In the online world a large portion of our conversation has devolved into one-click LIKEs or, in the case of LinkedIn, Endorsements.  No context.  No qualification.  No [...]

12 08, 2011

Measure the glue–continued

By | 2017-06-12T14:16:56-08:00 August 12th, 2011|Collaboration, Discussion, Leadership, Measurement, People, Problem-solving|

Image by aussiegall via Flickr In my earlier post about the “glue” of collaboration, I spent the time describing the area of discussion and none about the actual measurement.  That wasn’t exactly by design, as much as it was a realization that measuring collaboration means establishing some ground rules and accepting some risks and vagueness. [...]

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