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You built your business the old fashioned way.  It was through personal relationships and service, one customer at a time.  Marketing over time has changed.  No matter how you market your business, you want to…

Increase Revenue

Make consistent revenue, by reaching audiences who want and can buy the products and services you offer

Reduce Costs

Keep costs down and revenue up, while building and maintaining profitable relationships with your customers

Delight Customers

Ensure your customers are happy, so they continue buying from you and referring others to your business

Stay Current

Stay on top of industry changes, so you and your customers can take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace

See How Social Sapiens Delivers Results

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You know there might be value in social media.  But the only “proof” you have seen is others messing around on Facebook or Twitter.  You’re convinced it’s a big waste of time.

You have a website, but don’t get the connection between social media and your site.  However you decide to market your business, you expect results.

Social Sapiens will remove the confusion for you.


Educate your team on how to keep up with social media and using digital tools


Receive coaching on how to use social media for your business


Build, grow and analyze your social media platform


Create a digital marketing strategy you can use consistently


Built-in measurement, so you can see if your social media marketing is bringing you success


Social media that aligns with your business goals and delivers results
Jeff is one of those rare experts that can take the complex world of social media and break it into pieces you can understand and implement effectively. He is results driven and helps you leverage the tools to reach your goals. We would never have gotten this far without his knowledge and guidance.
Dayna Ebersole, Program Manager - Community Non-Profit
As soon as I met with Jeff Hora, from the very first meeting, I was given valuable jewels of knowledge, ideas that I could instantly put into practice and use to increase my social media presence. In additional conversations this only increased. Sometimes it was a big idea that we had to talk about and work through, often times it was a series of tiny tweaks that ended up making a huge difference in helping us get closer to hitting our objectives. I highly recommend Jeff and his knowledge. If you are a business owner with minimal time but looking for maximum impact, Jeff earns a spot on this week’s appointment schedule.
Matthew L. Augspurger, Wealth Advisor/ Branch Owner - Nepsis Capital Management
Prior to meeting Jeff Hora of Social Sapiens our social media campaign wouldn’t even be considered a campaign at all. Our business had never received an actual referral from social media. We hired Jeff to guide us through an actual campaign, and saw great results. Our interaction with potential clients on social media progressed, and turned into actual results. Totally worth it.
Adam Goit, Owner - Brookside Landscape and Design
I love Jeff Hora and Social Sapiens! Jeff is smart, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and competent (not to mention both kind and patient with me). I have used him as a sounding board and am taking his suggestions to heart. If you have social media questions or concerns, I would recommend you get in touch with Jeff. He can help!
Liz Bailey, Windermere Real Estate
Jeff volunteered to work with WorkSource customers and the Back 2 Work Group job club. He consulted with job seekers to make sure they had a good understanding of social media and LinkedIn. It was invaluable assistance from a subject matter expert. His sense of humor, patience and integrity are greatly appreciated here at WorkSource!
Cynthia Lavinthal, Case Manager/ Business Services Liason at Pacific Associates
Jeff has a pure talent to create a sense of community even between people that don’t know each other at all. He is a great worker, with brilliant ideas and he is able to engage, enthuse and inspire the team he works with. It has been a real pleasure and a honor to collaborate with him!
Francesca Govoni, Owner at F2CONSULTING®
Jeff is unique in the field of digital: he gets that it’s more than putting your brand in front of your customer, and more than just humanizing your brand. His passion for creating a community around a central theme, or passion, is at the crux of how he is able to successfully plan for and support online and offline communities.
Jeff is an incredibly hard-working professional who always delivers above and beyond. I’ve seen him respond to numerous challenges with fortitude and adaptability, and deliver more than expected at all times. He was usually the first one in the office, and I’ve never known him to miss a deadline. He did great work building a community for SDL, providing impact in all six divisions of the company. Well-known as a resource for all social media and community-building questions, Jeff consistently gave value to folks throughout the organization who approached with knowledge questions or presented challenges for tactical insight. He would provide immense value to any enterprise looking for B2C or B2B social best practices, community building execution, strategic planning for long-term social business, and much more.
Brian Crouch, Gage Marketing Group - Marketing Strategist |