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Social media affects public perception of your business, how you do business and how you reach your audience. You know social media is critical to your business. I’m sure you’re using Facebook and additional social media channels. Sometimes, figuring out how to use social media is like cracking a safe. It takes time and if you’re off a little bit, it can cost you. Jeff Hora of Social Sapiens offers digital and social media consulting. He will advise you on implementing an effective social selling strategy for your business. Say goodbye to “flying blind” with Facebook and other social media channels.

Jeff gives usable advice on posting content, choosing the right social media channels and more. He will help you research your audience, determine the right goals, direction and how to measure your social media marketing.

With consulting from Jeff Hora at Social Sapiens, you can have a new level of conversation with your customers and followers.

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Did you know 91% of Millennials use Facebook? Another 50.3% of Americans use Facebook monthly. With numbers like these targeting your social media marketing can be like…trying to find a needle in a haystack. Effective social media marketing means understanding your VACC.

Visitors: They visit your social media channels, but take no action. It’s critical to know who is visiting your page and possibly convert them into customers.

Audience: A real audience engages your content, uses it, shares it and wants more. They’re looking to establish a relationship with you.

Customers: Your customers want information on your offers, products, services and more. They consume content like videos, articles and photos. If they like what they see, read or hear they tend to buy.

Community: Do you have a group page where specific customer communities gather? This crowd consists of people passionate about a specific product, service or brand.

Jeff Hora provides thorough research for social media marketing. He will find out who your VACC consists of, the content they like and how to engage them. Your social media marketing and messaging will be targeted, relevant and engaging.

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A successful social media marketing strategy considers three things. The size, scope and complexity of your company. Otherwise it’s possible to do more than you need to.

Your company can have the best intentions for marketing through social media. But what’s your plan? Does your team have the patience to allow your social media marketing to work?

Most companies don’t know what to prioritize using social media channels. They may spend more time on Facebook posts, when Twitter is the best opportunity for reaching new customers.

Jeff Hora of Social Sapiens can help you create the right social media strategy for your business. He will help you identify key elements for measurable success. These include defining your audience, product, service and niche.

You will learn the best ways to develop awareness, build credibility and stay focused. Long-term these ingredients can lead to a profitable relationship with visitors, fans and followers.

Get the social media strategy that fits the size, scope and complexity of your company.

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What it is like to try and find you online? What’s it like when someone does? Will visitors find updated information about your products, services and more? Or will they find your last business post was in May of 2012?

How about your LinkedIn profile? Your background section mentions you’ve been a manager at a healthcare company for one year. But it also says you were an Assistant Manager at 7-11.

When you don’t have updated content on your social media channels, people take notice. They assume you’re no longer interested in starting or keeping a relationship with them. They will go to one of your competitors who is interested.

To be effective in social media, you must have your entire digital presence in order.

Jeff Hora provides detailed analysis of your social and digital media presence. He will look at key areas people check before contacting you. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and others.

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A great strategy requires a plan to make it happen. Based on your company vision, goals and resources your plan must be customized and flexible. When you don’t plan your social media marketing, three things can happen.

First, your posting will be inconsistent. One day you post twice. The next you post ten times. An inconsistent message doesn’t allow your brand to become top-of-mind for buyers.

Second, you can alienate your Visitors/Audience/Customers/Community (VACC). Neither one will know who you are, what you offer and how you can help them.

Third……nothing. That’s the worst result. When someone engages your company through social media, you’re looking for some type of result. It could be establishing a relationship or them buying from you.

For results-based social media marketing planning, contact Jeff Hora. He offers planning to target, engage and inform your VACC. As you use your social media marketing plan, you will start seeing results.

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Digital marketing constantly shifts. It requires expertise to ensure your team executes your plan and meets your goals. To keep your social media marketing on track you need the “Three Keys” of social media.

Confidence: Most companies have people who aren’t comfortable using social media channels. They don’t know when or what to post. This leads them to post too much content that sells or non-relevant content.

Direction: Knowing your goals and how to get there is critical. Without this key you won’t see the results you want with social media marketing.

Coaching: Your company won’t experience the first two keys without coaching. No matter how “well” you have done with social media, you need the knowledgeable expert to point you in the right direction.

Jeff Hora will hand you the “Three Keys” of social media. He offers coaching that will deliver confidence, direction and results.


Do you find social media confusing and time consuming? Are you afraid someone in your business will say the wrong thing, hurting your brand? Is there a concern you’re not posting the right content to the right people at the right time? If you don’t use social media the right way, prospects, customers and revenue can get lost.

Jeff Hora of Social Sapiens is available for speaking engagements. He offers high level instruction for businesses of all sizes. He provides social media knowledge and best practices through workshops and company events.

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Jeff is an engaging educator who makes social media easy to understand and use. His social media workshops are interactive and informative. Your team will be confident in using social media to communicate, grow your brand and revenue. Through the workshops your team will learn the following:

Building a Digital Strategy: There’s more to social media marketing than posting on Facebook or Twitter. What are the goals for your digital strategy? Which social media platforms should you use? How will you measure success? Jeff shows you how to build, use and measure a digital strategy that fits your unique business and goals.

Communications and Your VACC (Visitors/Audience/Customers/Community): There are four types of groups in your “social sphere”. These include visitors, audience, customers and community. The messages you share through social media must be clear, relevant and concise to each one. Jeff will teach your team how to successfully communicate to your VACC on your social media channels.

Maximize your Effectiveness Online: There’s more to social media marketing than showing up. To see results, you must maximize your effectiveness. Jeff will help you develop the right strategy, messaging and schedule for your social media marketing. He will educate your team on how to measure your efforts, so you know if you’re getting results.

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Jeff is available to speak at a variety of events in your area. At industry events, Jeff speaks on digital, strategic and social media topics as they relate to your business. Your Executive team and employees will benefit from his useful information. He can easily speak to diverse groups from social media enthusiasts to beginners.

At Community and Business Roundtables, Jeff speaks about the opportunities and challenges businesses face with the digital marketing. He shares how the rest of social media fits in with the rest of today’s evolving digital landscape. Communities and businesses of all sizes will learn how to use social media to grow awareness and revenue.

The critical topics Jeff covers include:

The Invisible Hand of Social Media: How social media is affecting your business, your community and you. What you don’t know is costing you customers and money.

The Value of Listening: How focusing on what your visitors, audience, customers and community want online grows the value of your presence and builds valuable customer relationships. This will keep you top of mind when they’re ready to buy.

Story-telling and Engagement: How different kinds of online activity, especially the power of story-telling, can draw your VACC closer to you and your business.