Lots of “Best of…”, Social for Lawyers, and the Importance of Listening – Best of December

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Lots of “Best of…”, Social for Lawyers, and the Importance of Listening – Best of December

Happy New Year!
Out with the Old, In with the New!

Goodbye 2018 : Hello 2019!

The last month of the year usually brings a number of “Best of” articles from across the Web, and this year is no different. Several of my choices for December’s compilation include these kinds of posts, along with a look at how law firms can best leverage social media (no, really!), social listening, and some Back to Basics thoughts!

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

22 Benefits of Social Media for Business [Infographic]

This list is nowhere near comprehensive, but as you look for ways to enhance and evolve your digital marketing, consider these benefits….including:

  • Stay Top of Mind
  • Generate Leads
  • Reputation Management
  • Learn More About Your Customers
Web Mistakes!?

5 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Websites

Your web developer (I hope you have a really good one!) is the pro at getting your site the way it needs to be for your business. Go over these common mistakes yourself before you jump into it with your web folks, and make sure you are studiously AVOIDING these!

‘Cause It’s the Law!

Law Firms Need Social Media

I have worked with several lawyers and firms. Initially the perception of social media is that (a) it won’t help my practice, and (b) regulation and professional ethics keep me from providing any kind of worthwhile content. This article will help deflate those objections and reconsider.


What Is Social Listening and Why Is It Important

If listening isn’t a HUGE part of your social media plan, think again. Social listening = knowledge….about your audience, industry, competitors, and content. Automated posts on Facebook forever by your office assistant isn’t going to do much for you…..get your “ear” to the “keyhole”, so to speak…

Right Tool for the Right Job, eh?

100 Free Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Business [Infographic]

You, of course, should always choose and use the RIGHT TOOL for the RIGHT JOB! But with so many choices available and the fact that you probably don’t have time to check them all out, or afford some of them, what should you do? Get some recommendations from other businesses would be good, and checking out this list of the free tools available will help you ask the right questions AND keep those expenses down!

Back to Basics…

Back to Basics: The 5 P’s of Social Media Marketing

Sometimes clearing the “fluff” from your marketing line of sight can really help you refocus and make sure you’re hitting the right notes as you launch into the new year.Β  Get Back to Basics!

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